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My name is Ryan McRae and read a lot of fantasy books and I love to share my recommendations. If you'd like my top 10 fantasy books I've ever read, I'd love to email it to you immediately. You'll also get my weekly(ish) newsletter with fresh recommendations and a bit of my journey as a writer. 


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I'm Ryan McRae and I'm a massive fantasy nerd.
I love reading epic fantasy like Brandon Sanderson as well as urban fantasy like R.F. Kuang (Babel) and Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series. 
When I'm not working the good ol day job, I'm turning pages in a book or I'm trying to get my stories down on paper. I hope in the next three to four years to have my own short stories, novellas or books published. (I'll keep you updated in my weekly(ish) newsletter. 
I'm a big board game player, an occasional dabbler in the RPG world, and book buying addict. (I blame booktok.) 
I'm a native Chicagoan and lover of all the independent bookstores here. 
Thanks for reading this far and if you want my fantasy recommendations as well as a tad of my journey to be a writer, sign up above!
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